Reverse Proxy Network

RPN is an optional service built into the Fog Machine App. It automates all the difficult parts of publishing a server online.

RPN works by proxying connections to your home server through one of our Reverse Proxy servers. Our proxy servers are configured to handle internet traffic, so you don't have to setup anything yourself. We are working on getting proxy servers up around the world, so you can have the optimal connection between your home server and our proxy servers.

The RPN service is an invite only testing period. Leave your email for a chance to get an invite.


  •  Get your own personal domain @

  •  Automatically configures SSL Encryption for your server

  •  Hole Punching software guarantees your server stays accessible as long as you have a working internet connection

  •  IP Obfuscation hides your IP address and adds an additional layer of security


The RPN SDK comes with all the tools needed to deploy a private RPN server network

An RPN server can be used to make any internet connected computer publicly accessible. RPN clients run on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The software works on 4G networks, making it useful for IoT devices.

Contact me at for more information