Inspired By Video Games

Like a lot of developers, I was inspired from a young age by video games. Even though I don't do any game development, video game software has had an influence on the design of Fog Machine.

One overlooked aspect of video game software is how easy it is to install. Even the most casual user can figure out how to install run a video game. Game software comes with sophisticated packaging tools which can wrap the most complex projects into a one-click installable file. These great distribution tools are nothing new. Games were distributed in cartridges as far back as the 1970's. All the user had to do was plug the cartridge into the compatible hardware and everything would just work.

I am a web developer, so I do a lot of work with server software. After years of experience I can say server software is not easy to use. Server software is typically hard to install and even harder to configure. Getting a home server up and running takes a lot of research, patience, and trial and error.

The goal of Fog Machine is to make server software as easy use as a video game. I think there is an untapped market for small-scale server software. Some Ideas:

  •   Individuals and small businesses can sell there products through private servers and not have to pay larger vendors to sell through their sites

  •   Users can host photos/videos/data on their servers for control and privacy reasons

  •   Home owners can have a IoT server to make sure access is a private as possible

  •   Independent restaurants can take orders through their own servers and not have to pay fees to 3rd party vendors

Before these ideas can happen, the packing and distribution tools have to be improved. No one hosts their own server because it is too complicated. Fog Machine is working on making private server ownership possible.